Email Marketing Automation & Its Aspects


You must have received emails matching your recent search or any action you just took. Well, this is done by email marketing automation. This is a blessing for every business as it helps create brand awareness with the audience. Saving manual effort, they also send out personalized messages based on activities such as online purchasing or requests for product feedback. 

It nurtures leads, generates sales, and keeps encouraging customers until the sale has been made. Thus, email marketing automation sends the right message at the right time and develops a loyal brand image. Read the upcoming sections to familiarize yourself with this amazing marking strategy. 

What is email marketing automation?

Want to send targeted and personalized emails to your audience? Then, level up your marketing game with email marketing automation. It requires no manual entry for delivering emails on specific triggers or schedules. Thus, it saves time, increases engagement, and creates higher conversion rates. 

Email marketing automation builds a strategic and impactful campaign by solving the trouble of repetitive tasking. Such as sending welcome emails, birthday greetings, or abandoned cart reminders. 

There are various aspects to email marketing automation, such as drip marketing setup or behavioral triggers. They help a business create a permanent space in the customer’s minds that makes them return repeatedly. So, a flourishing brand needs to understand each of these aspects thoroughly. 

Different aspects of email marketing automation 

Let us now look at the different facets of email marketing automation:

Drip Campaign Setup

This marketing setup involves sending a limited number of emails automatically. Audiences receive these messages at a scheduled time based on their recently committed purchasing actions. The drip marketing setup is great for connecting with the audience in a personalized and targeted way. 

Furthermore, this aspect of email marketing automation takes place during certain actions, such as: 

  • When someone places an order on your online store
  • attending an event at your store
  • leaving a shopping cart unattended

So, if you want to create a successful drip campaign setup, this is the way to go:

  • Audience segmentation: You have to categorize your audiences based on their recent preferences or actions for your business. 
  • Write and design: Note all the actions the audience takes and design specific messages with a personal touch for them. 
  • Plan: Now that your messages are ready, set the emails in an automated delivery schedule. 

Automated workflows

We all need a workflow to complete a task. However, when filled in manually, workflows can be time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Thus, automated workflows are here to save our energy by finishing tasks on a predetermined schedule. Tasks that can be automated are sending emails, updating customer records, etc.

Remember when we had to place an online order by calling customer service? Well, now, this hectic process is replaced by automated workflows. The advantages of using this aspect of email marketing automation are : 

  • Easy management of documents 
  • Processing approval in less time or no time 
  • Auto-payment and refund for recurring invoices
  • Creating a management system for payroll

Automated workflows make it easier to connect with teammates in multiple locations. It helps delegate repetitive and tedious tasks to the system and establishes a consistent process. Lastly, it manages multiple campaigns on a unified dashboard, thus simplifying the working of a business. 

Personalized Email Sequences

When we send a series of automated emails based on subscribers’ preferences, behavior, or relevant data, we term it personalized email sequences. They are different from generic emails as they are customized to cater to the needs of individual recipients. Once designed, they are scheduled to be sent out when a specific action takes place. 

When people receive emails with personalized subject lines, it encourages them to open the message. Thus, these sequences create leads and guide them through a sales funnel. They are introduced to the products that suit their needs, in addition to others. 

Besides, personalized emails enhance customer experience and the audience feels connected to the brand and understands that this business is concerned about their needs. So, customized email sequences nurture new subscribers and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Behavioral triggers

This email marketing automation is based on behavioral triggers. These emails are sent out upon receiving specific activities. For example, you receive a notification when the payment is successful or to complete the payment reminder. Therefore, the first step is to understand user behavior and to set up automated messages.

Though behavioral triggers are small, they are important indications of an expected marketing conversion. So, you should not miss out on the opportunity to make a sale. This is when email marketing automation comes into action and encourages the lead to convert into a customer. 

Additionally, behavioral triggers also maintain brand loyalty by following up with customers with related products. They make sure that the brand stays on the customer’s sight even if the sale has been made. Therefore, they increase brand awareness by automating your communication. 

Benefits of email marketing automation 

Email marketing automation helps you to find potential customers and engage with them. They are different than manual campaigns as automation takes place in the background, Thus saving time and resources.

If you want your email marketing campaigns to be handled by industry experts, you might want to hire a Digital Marketing Services provider. They treat your business like their own and understand the workflow of the strategy. Thus, if you hire an experienced workforce, they can ensure the following benefits of email marketing automation: 

Personalized customer experiences

Customers love personalization. They feel connected to the brand when they get to know that the brand already knows about their preferences. They find it appealing and are drawn toward purchasing that brand. With email marketing automation, you can keep track of the customer’s progression in the purchasing process. 

Optimizing email marketing campaigns

Email marketing Automation makes the work easier. It does your work while you can look after other important aspects of a campaign. These features waste no time in sending effective emails to the customers whenever they are close to buying. Upon receiving a behavioral trigger, automation takes the right action at the right time to gain customer satisfaction. 

Increasing customer retention rates

Besides the quality of the product, email marketing automation can be another factor that brings back an existing customer. Schedule your email on the software beforehand so that customers hear from you regularly. Create a habit of showing the new products that are related to their recent purchases. 

Scalable marketing strategy

In terms of email marketing automation, scalable refers to the system that can accommodate the increasing number of subscribers and can serve them without making any quality compromises. Thus, automation can deliver personalized messages to a larger audience and adapt to a dynamic marketing environment. The best part is that it can do all sorts of work without any manual intervention. 


Email marketing automation has been a savior for all businesses by saving their time and resources. It offers a range of features that effectively engage with customers. It enables marketers to create data-driven campaigns that can deal with a dynamic marketing environment. So, if you are someone looking to create stronger relationships with your audience, automation is the key for you.

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